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In Inuit mythology Taleelaiyuk is the keeper of all animals and the ruler of

the sea. In Germaineís version she has also included caribou based on information provided by elders from Igloolik.

More typically, the legend has been associated with sea animals only, because it is believed that Taleelaiyuk lives at the bottom of the sea.

Her hair is so long and tangled the animals hide in it and are protected from hunters by her. She tosses her hair about causing big waves in the sea therefore prohibiting hunting.

Before hunting can commence the shaman must use his magical powers to entreat

the goddess to allow the people to hunt. He does this by combing and plaiting her hair because as she has no fingers she cannot do this for herself. Thus appeased Taleelaiyuk calms the waters and releases the animals to the hunters.

This old legend still has great vitality even today and is one that Germaine has

presented several times using different images from the story.

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